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Golden Rules

1. Be clear about the clearinghouse’s objectives by defining its goals and principles and communicating them clearly to clients, lawyers and donors.

2. Clearly define the type and scope of the legal matters on which the clearinghouse can assist.

3. Build the supply of pro bono legal services. Raise awareness and seek the support of the local bar or law societies and all parts of the legal profession, from law students through to retired lawyers.

4. Identify demand for pro bono legal services. Work with NGOs to understand their and their users’ needs, and let them know what pro bono legal services may be available to assist them in achieving their goals.

5. When matching lawyers with pro bono opportunities, make sure all parties agree on the terms and conditions of the pro bono legal service. Keep in touch with both the client (NGO, individual) and the law firm/lawyer to ensure the matter has been completed and that both parties are satisfied.

6. Publicize successes by using new media tools. Keeping an up-to-date website, sending out newsletters and communicating through social media will help grow both the clearinghouse and pro bono generally.

7. Appreciate and recognize the pro bono community. Organizing pro bono award ceremonies, dinners and other events will express thanks to lawyers who dedicated their time and effort to pro bono and will encourage them to do more.

8. Seek support and encouragement from fellow clearinghouses! There is a growing international network of pro bono clearinghouses, many of which are listed in this Manual.

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